What motivates software projects?

Almost every single (commercial) software product we’ve ever worked on has been driven by at least one of two simple goals; to grow revenue or to stay out […]

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Bitcoin, Blockchain… big meh.

So the markets are finally telling us what we already knew. Bitcoin isn’t a commodity and it probably isn’t a viable store of value (a consumer currency) either. […]

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Fintech 2014 wrap up

Innovation in the fintech sector has real potential to upset the status quo in the world’s financial markets. This has prompted a range of responses from the World’s […]

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Fintech. It began in London.

When we think of fintech we think of the awakening of the financial services to the threat of startups since 2012. We might consider trending topics such as […]

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What’s the point of a specification?

Ignitr just moved in to a new office. As a young fintech startup the process of engaging with one of the biggest property freeholders in the UK was […]

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Do we need creative software engineers?

As a small company that’s recruiting hard, we’ve had the misfortune to have to deal with a few IT recruiters recently. This experience has reminded us of everything […]

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Lean management

The role of a professional manager is relatively new in the history of work; until just over 100 years ago, work roles were divided in to “workers” and […]

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No more heroes

A new year begins and with it new round of business initiatives and technology projects & programmes are released. As needs evolve, and with on-going scrutiny on efficiency […]

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Why is software effort estimation so difficult?

If you ask a software business sponsor today what their biggest challenge is when dealing with IT, many would respond that software engineers cannot reliably deliver working software […]

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