Project Description

The Challenge

A European fintech venture capital fund wanted to perform a technical, capability and regulatory due diligence assessment prior to an initial funding round.

The Solution

Ignitr was asked to carry out a technical, architectural and personnel review assessing the risks embedded in the platform design and the IT team building it, reviewing the startup’s performance, scalability and latency  as well as APIs, tools and protocol decisions.

Methods and skills were reviewed for appropriateness with recommendations for improvements whilst observations were shared on the ability of the business model to comply with market regulations.

Venture capital investment in startup organisations carries with it a high degree of risk. Ignitr provided the investors with an independent, trusted third party review of the target company and a means of mitigating their investment risk.

The Success

Ignitr’s audit provided coverage and depth that allowed the fund to make an informed investment decision, and the startup was funded and continues to perform strongly to this day.

“ignitr performed a thorough audit of our capabilities whilst minimising the impact on our day to day working practices, which ultimately led to a successful initial funding.”
Nick Bortot, CEO & Founder, Bux
“Ignitr did a great job at helping us complete technical due diligence for one of our investments. The due diligence resulted not only in a proper assessment, but also actionable recommendations on how to further strengthen the team and tech processes to accelerate growth“
Reinier Musters, Founding Partner, Orange Growth Capital