Project Description

The Challenge

Sam Gill and Sebastian Hoeg both had considerable experience in the responsible investing sector and were keen to put this to good use in addressing the issue of climate change. They launched ET Index in 2014 aiming to provide fund managers with a service that compares the carbon footprint of different fund portfolios.

Whilst having an intimate understanding of carbon’s potential impact on investment markets, the ET Index team didn’t have the technical skills to get a product to market quickly.

The Solution

Ignitr provided a complete solution for ET Index starting with a detailed workshop, persona development and analysis of technical architecture and then designing, developing, testing, releasing and hosting the service platform.
By using ignitr, ET Index was able to hit the ground running with an algorithmic analysis that enabled investors to minimise the social impact and financial risk of their investment portfolios.

The Success

The platform successfully launched in May 2015 and acquired 50 users within the first month of going live and will soon be closing its A round of venture capital funding.

“Ignitr has provided a valuable partner for ET Index and its investors, getting the startup rapidly to market and providing valuable input and guidance on the organisation’s strategy.”
Tom Langdon-Davies, Deputy Chair, ET Index
“Working with Ignitr really helped us grow the company from the idea stage to the point of having an effective minimum viable product. The journey has been an invaluable one and we are very pleased with our collaboration with Ignitr.”
Sam Gill, CEO, ET Index