Project Description

The Challenge

Oversight demands and a drive for trading governance led to the client calling for the development of an integrated trade-monitoring control tool.

The Solution

Having delivered several other successful projects for the client, ignitr was given control over the approach, providing stakeholder management, business analysis and test resources, whilst working closely with the internally managed development team.

Ignitr recognised the critical need for trust and credibility, with a commitment to deliver a clearly specified minimum viable product (MVP), enabling greater autonomy in the development process. Ignitr aligned the project team around a test-led, business-driven development (BDD) and agile approach, creating a project culture of “validated feedback” and iterative development.

We employed user stories and an automated test suite to speed up the accuracy and efficiency of the development process with user acceptance testing replaced by a beta phase.

Ultimately ignitr’s experience in test led, agile, behaviour driven development (BDD) framework enabled the client to continuously engage with the design process and see feedback realised in tangible developments immediately.

The Success

The project phase was concluded successfully in budget within 9 months of initiation and with a product feature set that significantly exceeded the client’s expectations. The project approach was highly valued by all stakeholders, not least because it provided for early user ownership of the product and transparency of the development status at all times.

This laid the groundwork for a new relationship between business stakeholders and IT, leading to a process of “continuous improvement” that significantly enhanced the product in new and unanticipated ways.