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The programme is completely customisable, adapting to your skills and the maturity of your business.

 Here’s how it works:

1. Design your business

Business design

What problem are you solving?
How big is the market for your solution?

This part of the programme will help you frame your customer’s problem, develop a compelling business proposition, understand your users, develop persona grids, check your market fit, assess your competitors, size the market opportunity and potential, and define how you create, capture and sustain value for your customers.

0 hours to success

2. Prototype


Have you validated your unique features?
Will customers pay for the product you want to develop?

This part of the programme will help you frame your prototype to check assumptions about user behaviour, refine the journey path and identify great design to empower users to make quick, intuitive and valuable choices.

0 hours to success

3. Brand identity

Develop product

How will you leave an impression on your customers?

Will they remember you?

As soon as you have validated the viability of your business you can build your brand identity. This part of the programme enables you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your brand using six aspects, helps you to find ways of creating physical elements and values that you will need to incorporate in the product during the development phase.

0 hours to success

4. Develop the product

Develop product

How fast can you get to market?
What are your constraints?

This part of the programme will help you develop the necessary platform to start selling. As the product owner you will be put at the centre of the development process.

0 + weeks to success

5. Get feedback

Get feedback

What do your customers need next?

This part of the programme helps you prioritise your feature roadmap and will see you continue to improve your product. Learn how to run workshops with early adopters as well as use customer insight and behavioural data. Customer feedback is like oxygen for any business.

0 + weeks to success

6. Keep the lights on

Operational support

Have you thought about service continuity?

Paying customers have high expectations and it takes time to build up loyalty. When scaling a business, scarce talent is often better directed at generating new business rather than on support and maintenance. Let us take care of the “business as usual” tasks so you can focus on growth.

0 + hours per month

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