Ignitr is helping banks and other large financial institutions understand the impact of the blockchain by offering flexible education programmes, enabling their leadership to speak knowledgeably and make informed decisions.

Ignitr offers the first blockchain training aimed specifically at financial services professionals. The syllabus enables participants to quickly grasp the fundamentals of the blockchain, identifying opportunities, threats, examples of use cases and company specific challenges.

Training takes place in half day sessions and is tailored to meet the needs of different target audiences with sessions directed at market professionals; finance, operations & treasury; legal, compliance & accounting; and technology professionals.

The blockchain is fast emerging as a means of reengineering the way the financial services ecosystem operates by enabling trustless interactions. This has the potential to make redundant the need for the complex and expensive financial services infrastructure we currently depend on.

The majority of cryptocurrencies’ media attention has focused on Bitcoin’s role as (a fast declining) store of value, largely ignoring cryptocurrencies’ broader role in reducing friction in a broad range of financial transactions.

The ultimate impact of the blockchain on financial services is far from clear given the speed of innovation (smart contracts, side chains etc) and the rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Fortunately for banks and other large financial institutions, the training we provide is current and relevant, so interested parties can still learn about such a fast moving field.

Financial services are seeing new blockchain services launching on a daily basis as well as a growing collection of fintech startups happening behind closed doors fueled by growing pool of VC investment (see figure 1). Innovation attention is now turning towards the wholesale banking infrastructure where the market sees a massive opportunity to upend the current business models including payments, custody and identity among other fields.


Banks are sometimes characterised by their inability to respond quickly to emerging threats and opportunities. Leadership is compelled to better understand the implications of these new models of operating so that they can adjust their strategy and ensure their organisations’ long term survival.

Ignitr with its blockchain training programme offer financial institutions an important window into the future state of the financial services sector, enabling banks and other organisations to better prepare for the future

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Ignitr brings innovation software engineering to the financial services community. We help both corporates and startups in fintech apply the software development methods and disciplines necessary to innovate quickly and create customer driven software in unexplored markets.


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